Maharshi Martial Arts Sports Foundation(MMASF) was established on 18th October 2008 in guidance with Mr. Dharmraj Pal, Mr. Sachin Bansode, and Mr. Sagar Bansode with the main moto to make students understand the physical fitness and mental fitness at a competitive level. As students are mainly trained in Karate and Kickboxing, which is not only Olympic recognized but also helps to make an individual fearless and learn the importance of discipline. MMASF has made an individual learn sportsmanship which has an overall record from 2008 to 2024, with 1130 fighters at the state level, 730 fighters at the National level, and 110 fighters at the International level participated and won overal 95 medals. These achievements are possible because of constant guidance from the School management and dedication from the students.

We would specially thank Mr. Dharmraj Pal, Mrs. Swapnil Pal, and Ms. Kirti Pal towards the guidance and support to maje it possible.

Mr. Sachin T. Bansode

  • Founder/President: Maharshi Martial Arts Sports Foundation (INDIA)

  • International Referee (WAKO IF).

  • Asian Silver Medallist (KICKBOXING)

Mr. Sagar T. Bansode

  • General Secretary of Maharshi Martial Arts Sports Foundation (INDIA)

  • Asian Gold Medallist (KICKBOXING)

  • International Coach (WAKO IF)

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